Spartan Branding is Now Spartan Marketing


If you know anything about us, it should be how much we love clarity. 

Because we love it so much, we’ve decided to make a change and rebrand Spartan Branding Co. To clearly communicate what we do, we’ve become Spartan Marketing.

Where We Started

When we first became a business, we chose the name Spartan Branding because (1) our sister company was already named Spartan Planning and (2) how closely our marketing style aligns with the Storybrand framework. Our president and founder, David Lillard, is a Storybrand Certified Guide with years of success helping companies clarify their marketing.

With that in mind, Spartan Branding was born.

(If you’re interested in seeing some validation of Spartan’s ability to utilize Storybrand Marketing, check out Storybrand CEO, Donald Miller’s stamp of approval.)

We’ve helped clients tell their clients’ stories, positioning them as guides who can help their customers experience success. We’ve worked with clients to develop consistent branding and brand messages that speak to their company’s goals and purpose.

Unfortunately, just as with any name, branding means different things to different people. We continually heard similar questions.

  • Oh, so you do logos?
  • Do you help people pick the right name for their business?
  • Are you a promotional products company?
  • Do you put logos on things?

And it was a surprise to some when they found out we also handled:

  • Website Development
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Growth Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Marketing Strategy

How it’s Going

As our team has expanded, so has the list of services we provide. Now, we feel comfortable taking on virtually any marketing request or need your company requires. – And, like always, we can figure out what your company needs, even if you’re not sure.

Our team creates and distributes content for businesses. From email marketing to case studies and blogs, we can – and do – take care of these tasks on a week-to-week basis for clients. 

For more on how we work with one client, in particular, check out our page on Spartan’s relationship with SonicAire.

We perform market research to discover how your company is positioned in the market and create a plan to tackle your goals. Whether or not you know how to reach your goals, we can still help get you there. 

At Spartan, we generally take a simple, intentional approach to our strategies, making it easy for you to understand and deliver reliable results. It may feel overwhelming, and that’s ok. It isn’t to us. We take on the overwhelm, so you don’t have to.

Marketing is our specialty. It doesn’t have to be yours, too.

Where We’re Heading

That’s our story in a nutshell, and it brings us to the rebrand. We Googled why a company would rebrand, and while it came up with pretty generic responses, the top two reasons did provide some insight into our rebranding logic.

You could say the reason we’ve elected to rebrand is two-fold.

1. Clarity is essential to our story.

We found the #1 reason a company rebrands is: “To better reflect the company’s values, mission, or target market: A company might rebrand if its old branding no longer accurately represents the company or its products and services.”

The question we get asked the most is, “Do you do marketing, too?”

Clearly, our old branding didn’t accurately represent the company; the answer to that question is always a resounding YES!

While the idea behind our former name was never that we only do logos, branding, and messaging, we understand how people get that impression. We often tell our clients to do as we say and not as we do – because we prioritize our clients over ourselves. Something excellent for our existing clients but not necessarily for prospects. 

We have to show our audience that we know how to present a clear brand message, and that starts with our name. 

We do everything for your company’s marketing. So Spartan Marketing presents an unmistakable message for our brand.

2. We do so much more than just Storybrand Marketing.

To expand on the clarity problem we kept running into, we genuinely have changed a bit, too. Of course, we prefer to call that evolving.

Reason #2 why a company rebrands is: “To signal a change in direction or strategy: A company might rebrand if it is making a significant change to its business, such as expanding into a new market or launching a new product line.”

In the years since we started, our business has grown. We do so much more than Storybrand Marketing now, and our brand must represent what we are, not what we were.

We’re proud of our roots and grateful for the opportunities Storybrand continues to give us. You’ll very likely notice its influence in all we do. It’s a valuable strategy; we’ve helped many clients by using it. 

But we create more than branding. We strive to provide all the marketing services your company needs. 

Spartan Marketing Means We’ll Cover All Your Marketing Needs

Over the years, Spartan Marketing has developed a simple method of marketing that is consistently effective. Though there are strategies for every marketing business you run into, ours was born with a slight spin on the KISS method. Rather than “Keep It Simple, Stupid,” we say, “Keep it Stupid Simple.” 

We have no desire to overcomplicate your life with complex marketing or create grand plans you’ll never be able to stick out. If your marketing team doesn’t make your company run more smoothly, it’s not doing its job. 

Spartan Marketing just makes more sense.

We’re also big fans of the saying, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” And while Spartan Branding was far from broken, keeping our brand “fixed” meant a slight change (that should be utterly unseen and seamless for our clients).

Though it feels less slight while we’re mid-move of all our email accounts, campaigns, logos, pdfs, and website, we have to admit. 

Now that we’ve made the change, though, it feels like a massive weight off our shoulders. Meanwhile, let us know if you see anything with our old branding! There’s a lot to catch, but we’re dividing and conquering.

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